Messages From Enki: Humanity's Father 

by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Based on the works of Zecharia Sitchin

Essay  12: Ninurta Defeats Anzu & Astronaut Corps 

Our story
 The two sons of King Anu of Nibiru, Enlil (Commander of Earth Operations) and Enki (Lord of Earth's Seas and Mines) build rival lineages on Earth as astronauts mine gold in SE Africa

Narrative Resumes
        By 400,000 years ago, Enlil had built seven Mission Centers in Mesopotamia.  The centers: Sippar the Spaceport; Nippur, Mission Control; Badtibira, Metallurgical Center; Shurupak, Med Center.  He build his communication center, the DUR.AN.KI--the Bond Heaven-Earth
[also Navel of the Earth], a dimly lit chamber essential for talk with rockets en route between Nibiru and Earth, at Nippur [Sitchin, Z., The End of Days, page 6].  In years to follow, Nibirans and the slaves they drafted will war for the  Duranki.  After the Deluge, 13,000 years ago, Enlil will relocate the Duranki to Jerusalem [Sitchin, Z., The End of Days, page15]

Back to our narrative: 380,000 years ago, Anzu, kinsman to the deposed and deceased King Alalu, commanded 300 Nibirans on Mars Base and in the shuttle service.  His men, the Igigi, rocketed gold from Mesopotamia, where Enki's sea vessels brought it from Africa.  Anzu's men on Mars moved the gold to spaceships bound for Nibiru.  On Nibiru, scientists powdered the gold and seeded it into the air. "Slowly was the breach in the heavens healing." [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 117] 

Anzu and the Igigi demanded Enlil grant them better working conditions, more elixir from the fruit Ninmah grew and a rest facility on Earth.  From Nibiru, King Anu ordered Anzu to go from Mars to Enlil on Earth. Enlil must, the King said, show Anzu the whole mining operation, including the Duranki so Anzu'd see why the Igigi must persevere.  

Mission Control, Nippur [Sitichin, 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, page 88]

Anzu landed at Nippur, Enil's Capitol.  Though Anu'd ordered him to show his operations to Anzu, Enlil stalled.  Enlil's father, King Anu, had killed Anzu's kinsman, Alalu.  Now Anzu incited the Igigi.   

Enlil insisted he--not Anzu--gave orders to the Astronauts.  I alone, Enlil shouted, rule all Earth operations; Anzu and the astronauts must obey--not challenge--me.

Enki, however, lobbied Enlil to show the gold mining, refining and transport system to Anzu.  Our father, King Anu, said Enki, says to convince Anzu to keep his men on the job.*  So Enlil admitted Anzu to his chambers.

But when Enlil undressed and set down the key to the Duranki,  Anzu stole the key. 

 Anzu slipped into the control room and snatched the computer crystals that ran the spaceport and the astronaut cities in Mesopotamia.  Anzu forced Ea’s pilot Abgal to take him to the spaceport, Shurupak.  There, Anzu's men declared him King of Earth and Mars.  Anzu shut down vital services at headquarters (Nibru-ki) and cut communication between Earth and Nibiru.  

Ninurta (Enlil and Ninmah's son) shot Anzu down in an spectacular air battle.  Ninurta then freed Abgal, captured Anzu and retrieved the crystals.

  Ninurta     Ninurta          Ninurta Fought Anzu 

Ninurta dragged Anzu before Enlil [copied from Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, page124--Drawing of cylinder sealVA/243, Berlin Museum]


The Seven Who Judge--Ea/Enki, Damkina/Ninki, Marduk/Ra, Nannar/Sin, Enlil/Yawheh, Ninmah/Ninharsag and Ninurta--ordered Anzu executed "with a killing ray."

Ninurta executes Anzu
[Sitchin,Z., 1985,
The Wars of Gods and Men, page 99]

 Nannar, Enlil's Legal Heir (Enlil's first son by Sud/Ninti (his legal spouse) had directed Anzu's revolt.  Nannar, with Anzu as his agent, intended the revolt as a challenge to his half-brother Ninurta (Enlil's Firstborn) for Command of Earth.    After Ninurta defeated the Igigi and executed Anzu, Enlil exiled Nannar from Ur after forcing him (with all the Nibiran leaders) to pledge to honor Ninurta as Enlil's successor on Earth. [Sitchin, Z., 1976, The 12th Planet, [pages 107 -116; The Wars of Gods and Men,  1985, pages 95 -102].  

Ninurta, now Enlil's "Foremost Warrior," enforced Enlil's rules to extract, process and send gold to Nibiru. 

To make sure Ninurta's obeyed, Enlil gave him the IB missile, "a weapon with fifty killing heads."  [Sitchin, 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, page 102]

Enlil and Ninurta thus defeated the Astronauts, asserted their authority within the Enlil lineage and could now, with unmatched firepower from the multi-headed missiles, intimidate the Nibirans working the goldmines Enki supervised in Africa.

The Nibirans had been on Earth 40 revolutions of Nibiru (Shars) around Solaris--144,000 Earth years--when the Astronauts working the southeast African goldmines challenged Enlil [Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, page 43].

Astronaut Corps (Igigi) wearing eagle helmet/masks and winged capes.  They flank the Tree of Life and hold the Fruit and Water of Life [Sitchin, Z,. 2003,  The Anunnaki Playing Playing Cards, 9 of Clubs] 

    Marduk, however, sympathized with the Igigi complaints that made them revolt–no R&R facilities on Earth, infrequent rotations back to Nibiru, little elixir. So Enlil ordered Marduk, Go to Mars, improve conditions. Take Anzu’s body with you. Bury him and make the Igigi see they obey me or die as Anzu. [Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, pages 95 -102].

* Sitchin shows that Ea, allied through his marriage to Alalu's daughter Damkina and their son Marduk to the Alalu's lineage (matrifiliated), was part of the plot.  "It was with Ea's connivance" that Anzu, kinsman of Alalu, is admitted to Enlil's inner sanctuary for energy source crystals, vital computer chips, orbital data panels, and control buttons for Earth and Earth-Nibiru, Mars communication.  Ea suggested Enlil entertain Anzu as a stall to responding to the demands of the Igigi.

Sitchin, in The 12th Planet had earlier said the role of Anzu in The Lost Book of Enki's account of the revolt of the Igigi [pages 117 - 121] was actually the role of Nannar (Enlil's son by his half-sister and legal wife, Sud) was Legal Heir on Earth.  Nannar's was a challenge to Ninurta (Enlil's Firstborn and heir on Nibiru) to succeed to Enlil's command of Earth.  In The Wars of Gods and Men, too, Anzu, the leader of the revolt is a descendent of Alulu (his grandson); in this version Anzu's an orphan adopted by the Mars Service, rather than Anzu the pilot who took Ea to Earth and stayed on Mars to die with Alalu [page 97].   

Both Nannar and Ea would have benefited if Anzu vanquished Ninurta.  But it was Nannar, not Ea, that Enlil exiled in the aftermath of the Igigi revolt. [The 12th Planet, pages 107 -116].  

Anthropologists will recognize Enki's description as a classical system of segmentary patrilineal (agnatic) lineages.  In segmentary patrilineages, collateral lines (like those that descend from Ea and Enlil) cite alliance through different mothers to other royal patrilineages.  The Ea lineage within the Anu clan, and especially the Marduk line of the Ea's lineage, is allied with the Alalu clan for leverage against the Enlilites within the Anu clan).  Marduk's line is a matrifiliate of Alalu's clan.  Matrifiliated alliances give lineages external allies as they vie for precedence in authority within their patriclans. 



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The Celestial Battle: Nibiru Meets Solaris and Tiamat ( Proto Earth)


Alalu Kills Nibiru's King Lahma, Gives Daughter to Ea for Feality From Anu


Alalu, Deposed by Anu, Nukes to Earth, Threatens Nibiru


Nibiru Council Sends Ea, Not Enlil, to Earth


Ea Blasts to Earth with Water, Hides Alalu's Nukes, Sends Anzu & Gold to Nibiru


Anu Sends Enlil to Rule Earth, Verify Gold


Anu, Enlil & Ea Draw Lots for Nibiru, Earth, Seas & Mining


Anu Defeats Alalu, Banishes Him & Anzu to Mars


Ea (Enki), Enlil & Ninmah, Three Incestuous Siblings


Enlil Banished for Rape; Abgal Betrays Enki


Enki & Ninmah Make Girls Till She Curses 


Anzu & Astronauts Rebel


Enki Instigates Goldmine Mutiny


Ninmah, Enki and Enki's Son, Ningizidda (Thoth) Create Adamu and Slave Species


Nibiru Nearing Means Climate Crisis & Food Shortage on Earth, Marsbase Closing


Enki Loves Hybrids Descended from Adamu & Ti-amat; Hybrids Bare Son Adapa & Girl Titi


Ningishzidda Takes Adapa to King Anu on Nibiru, Tells Anu That Enki's Fathered Adapa, Wants Adapa Denied Immortality


Adapa's Sons, Ka-in & Abael


Marduk & Astronaut Corps Seize Hybrid Brides, & Spaceport, Threaten Enlilites


Enki Begats Noah (Ziusudra)


Galzu Keeps Nibiran Leaders on Mission Earth


Galzu Helps Enki Save Ziusudra & Earthlings


Ningishzidda, Memorialized as Sphinx, Creates Pyramids to Lead Rockets to Sinai Spaceport


Marduk's Son Satu Kills Brother, Asar; Asar's Son Horon Defeats Satu, Unites Egypt


Enlilites Send Ninurta to Build Second Spaceport in South America


Marduk Foils Marriage of Enlillite Inanna & Enkiite Dumuzi


Inanna Revived Defeats Enkiites; Ninurta, Not Marduk to Next Rule Earth


Enlil Deposes Marduk, Divies Earth, Gives Ningishzidda Egypt but No Realm for Inanna

    30   Anu Uncovers Galzu's Ruses to Keep the Anunnaki Fostering Nibiran-Earthling Hybrids

  Enlil, Enki, Inanna rule regions through kings, Ninharsag, Sinai for Nibirans & Their Families Only

    32    Anu Takes Inanna as Lover; She Seduces Enki for Programs for Uruk
    33    Anu Pardons Marduk, Departs Tiahuanacu for Nibiru

Enlilites Bomb Marduk's Babylon Spaceport, Confound Earthling Languages

    35    Marduk/Ra Deposes Ningzidda/Thoth in Egypt
    36    Inanna Rules Indus & Uruk
    37    Utu Revives Banda; Inanna Beds Banda As Dumuzi Ressurect;
Banda & Ninsun Begat Gilgamish, Who Seeks Immortality


 Inanna & Marduk Again Fight, This Time, For All Earth

    39    Enlil Sends Abraham/Ibruum to Stop Marduk
    40   Anunnaki Nuke Sinai Spaceport Before Leaving Earth to Marduk
    41   Fallout from Nergal and Ninurta's Nukes Kill Sumer, Spare Marduk's Babylon
    42   Enlil Demands Obscene Obedience: The Story of Abraham, Hagar, Ismael & Isaac
    43   Children of Jacob = Israel in Egypt
    44    Enlil: Moses, Bring Jacob's Descendants from Egypt to Canaan
    45    Enlilite Power Grows Against Enkiite Egypt and Babylon