Messages From Enki: Humanity's Father 

Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Based on the works of Zecharia Sitchin

Essay 14

Based on Sitchin, Z., 2002 The Lost Book of Enki

The Research TeamNingishzidda and Enki face Ninmah.  She holds Adamu, the hybrid Nibiran/Homo Erectus they made.  "My hands have made it! victoriously she shouted." 

The critter's  cute and he and  female hybrids the team creates enjoy sex.  But the hybrids can't breed yet.  [From Sumerian cylinder seal (in Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, page 13)]


Our  Story

300, 000 years ago, Enki left his goldmines in Africa to study the nearby apemen, the Homo Erectus primates.  While he was  gone, the Nibiran miners stopped work.  Enlil investigated.  The miners surrounded him and demanded release from their harsh work.  

Enki broke the impasse, to Enlil saying, 'From mining the heros from Nibiru release and for their work Earthling apemen miners, shall we create.with my reproducing essences and those of Ningishzidda and Ninmah.'

Enki, Earth's Lord, showed the apemen to Enlil, Earth's Commander and Ninurta, Enlil's Foremost Warrior.  Enki said, "Ningishzidda, my son, their fashioning essence [DNA structure] has tested; akin to ours it is, like two serpents it is entwined. When with our life essence shall be combined, our mark upon them shall be, a Primitive Worker shall be created*. Our commands will he understand. Our tools he will handle, the toil in the excavations he shall perform, to the Anunnaki in the Abuzu [Africa] relief shall come."  [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 130]

Narrative Resumes

Enlil objected to Enki’s plan.  Don't create a Nibiran/Apeman slave class here on Earth, Enlil reminded Enki, "On our planet [Nibiru], slavery has long ago been abolished, tools are slaves, not other beings."  [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 130]  Ninurta added that to get gold better, Enki should make machines, not slaves.

Earthlings we create, Enki repied, shall helpers, not slaves, be.

Enlil still protested: To clone hybrid beings is in The Rules Of Planet Journeys forbidden.

      Enki responded, a new species create we shall not; the Apeman of Earth
[Homo Erectus] is in his fashioning essence [genotype] as we of Nibiru [Homo Sapiens, Sapiens] are. Our ancestor the Apeman is; into us he evolves. Quicken Apeman shall we, speed him but some millions of years to what has only always been his destiny.*

The brother rivals, Enki and Enlil, beamed their dispute to King Anu and the Council on Nibiru.  Each brother had his say on whether Enki's team should develop hybrid workers.  King and the council ruled, "Gold must be obtained.  Let the Being be fashioned! The Council decided....Forsake The Rules of Planetary Journeys, let Nibiru be saved."  [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 132]

Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda--The research team---created many combinations of apeman and other creatures (eg: centaurs) in their lab in Africa. [Sitchin, Z., 1990, Genesis Revisited: 164 -165]

 Centaur   Griffin   Minotaur   Cyclops 

Enki and Ningishzidda serviced Erectus women but failed to impregnate them. So Enki and Ningishzidda collected their own seed, and, in test tubes, fertilized Erectus ova to create zygotes. Then they planted the zygotes in Erectus women.  But the first babies born of the Erectus women lacked vision, hand dexterity or internal functioning.

To beat these defects, Ninmah created the next zygote in a vessel of copper and African clay instead of a test tube. But this zygote grew into a child who couldn’t talk. [Sitchin, Z., The 12th Planet, page 352].

Then Enki planted a test-tube-grown zygote in Ninmah's womb, rather than an Erectus’, to see if the baby Ninmah bore would speak. "In the clay vessel the admixture they made, the oval of an Earth female with Anunnaki male essence they put together. The fertilized egg into the womb of Ninmah by Enki was inserted. There was conception.

"To a male child Ninmah birth was giving. Enki the boy child held in his hands, the image of perfection was he. He slapped the newborn on his hindparts; the newborn uttered proper sounds.  He handed the newborn to Ninmah. 'My hands have made it!' victoriously she shouted." [Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, pages 138 - 139]


 The baby, Adamu [One Who's Like Earth's Clay], who learned to speak, had smooth, dark red blood-colored skin and black-hair. His penis differed from that of a Nibiran baby. Nibiran/Anunnaki like Enki, Enlil and Ninmah were blue-eyed Caucasians."  [Tellinger, M., 2006, Slave Species of god, page 251] 

Adamu’s "malehood; odd was its shape, by a skin was its forepart surrounded, unlike that of Anunnaki malehood it was. 'Let the Earthling from us Anunnaki by this foreskin be distinguished.' So was Enki saying." [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 139]

Once she had Adamu, the prototype for the primitive worker, Ninmah tweeted the med center at Shurubak; she needed seven women who’d volunteer their wombs to grow clones of Adamu. "'His essence alone as a mold shall be!,' so was Enki saying."  [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 141]  Ninmah and the women swore they’d love and support the babes they’d bare.

"In seven vessels of the clay of Abzu [Africa] made, Ninmah ovals [zygotes which Ningishzidda’s and Enki’s sperm fertilized] of the two-legged females placed.

"The life essences of Adamu she extracted bit by bit in the vessels she it inserted. Then in the malepart of Adamu an incision she made, a drop of blood to let out.  'Let this a Sign of Life be; that Flesh and Soul have combined let it forever proclaim.' She squeezed the malepart for blood, one drop in each vessel to the admixture she added. 'In this clay's admixture, Earthling with Anunnaki shall be bound. To a unity shall the two essences, one of Heaven, one of Earth, together be brought.' In the wombs of the birth-giving heroines the fertilized ovals were inserted." Ninmah surgically delivered seven little clones of Adamu from their wombs.  [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 141; The 12th Planet, page 352] 

Ninmah and Enki create test-tube zygotes for primitive worker experiments [Sitchin, Z., 1979, The 12th Planet, page 352]

Ninmah performed caesarians on her birth heroine-Med Corpswomen. She delivered seven male hybrids and seven little clones of Adamu.


      Ningishzidda next created a female zygote to clone. He planted this zygote in Ninki [aka, Damkina], Enki's spouse. Ninmah surgically delivered the hybrid; they named her Ti-Amat (Mother of Life), a sandy-blonde. [Tellinger, M., Slave Species of god, page 452]

Ningishizidda cloned Ti-Amat's essence into seven test-tube zygotes.  He planted them in the same Med Corpwomen who'd borne the hybrid males.   All of the surrogate mothers carried female hybrids. Ninmah surgically delivered another seven hybids.  

Ningishizidda told the surrogates he needed their wombs again.   But Ninmah objected.  For my heroines too burdensome is baring more Earthlings. Too few are the heroines to bare numbers enough to work mines.

      Enki brought Adamu and Ti-Amat to Edin, his place at the head of the Persian Gulf. 

He left the seven female and the eight male hybrids cloned from Adamu and Ti-Amat together in an enclosure at his African lab. The hybrids copulated frequently, but the females didn’t conceive.

Astronauts who worked the mines and shuttled gold threatened mutiny if Enki and Ningishzidda didn't deliver  workers to relieve them.  At the Med Center in Shurubak, Ningishzidda compared Nibiran genes and genes from Adamu and Ti-Amat.   Ningishzidda searched for the genes that allowed reproduction. 

 When he compared  genes of breeding Nibirans and the genes of Adamu and Ti-Amat,  Ningishzidda found the loci on the Nibiran genotype that allowed reproduction.   Nibiran females had a recessive XY chromomsomal allele in their genotype whereas Ti-Amat had only XX.  

Ningishzidda then anesthetized Enki, Ninmah and Ti-Amat.  "From the rib of Enki the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Adamu the life essence he inserted.  From the rib of Ninmah the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted.  He proudly declared, 'To their Tree of Life two branches have been added, with procreating powers their life essences are now entwined.' " [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 148]

Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda hid how they'd altered Ti-Amat. She and Adamu stayed in Enki's Persian Gulf orchard, while her fetus gestated. Ti-Amat made leaf-aprons for herself and Adamu.


Enlil saw Adamu and Ti-Amat wore aprons and made Enki explain. Enki confessed; Ti-Amat’s fetus would, in turn, breed.

"The last bit of our life essence to these creatures you have given, to be like us in procreation knowing, perchance our [millions of years] life cycles on them to bestow," Enlil roared. Enki’s team had exceeded Enlil's okay to clone mine slaves.


"My lord Enlil," Ningishzidda was saying, "knowing for procreation they were given, the branch of Long Living, to their essence tree was not." [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 149]. "A longevity gene or genes known to Enki [and Ningishzidda] was deliberately excluded from the human genome when the ‘mixing’ of genes took place."3 [Sitchin, Z., 2010, There Were Giants Upon the Earth, page 245]

"Then let them be where they are needed," Enlil with anger said. "To the Abzu [Africa] away from the Edin, let them be expelled." [Sitchin, The Lost Book of Enki, page 149].  In this context "Yahweh" of the Bible indicates Enlil; in other contexts the Bible's “Yahweh” designates Ninurta, Marduk, Adad; Yahweh may allude to a "god" of the Nibirans imported from homeplanet Nibiru.  Some places in the Bible "Yahweh" even designates Enki, as when Enki suggested creating hybrid Earthlings. [Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, pages 347 - 380]

After Enlil evicted the hybrids from Edin, Enki knew Enlil would limit the hybrids and slander him as an evil serpent.  To counter Enlil, Enki set up the first secret society, The Brotherhood of the Snake.    He recruited a few hybrids and taught them advanced thinking, information and technology [Tellinger, M. 2006, Slave Species of god, page 145].

Sitchin writes that Enki's team sped what would've occurred anyway. "Modern man would have evolved on Earth just as he had done on Nibiru.  Both came from the same 'seed of life.'"  The team spurred our evolution forty million years. [Genesis Revisited, pages 165 -166].  Cremo says hominids on whose genes the team grafted Nibiran genes devolved from earlier Homo Sapien settlers on Earth [Cremo, M,, Human Devolution]. 


* Enki knew the 223 genes in his genome differed from Homo Erectus'. "Our genome contains less than 30,000 genes. It contains 223 genes that do not have any predecessors on the genomic evolutionary tree. These 223 genes involve physiological and cerebral functions peculiar to humans." [Sitchin, Z. ,2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, page 162].  Enki, we shall see, intentionally withheld genes affecting longevity.

Sitchin says, Test Enki's Version of our creation. Analyze the DNA of the body of the NinPuabi a royal of Lagash. A hybrid Nibrian/Earthling, she's preserved in the basement of the British Museum.  NinPuabi's a descendant of Banda, Inanna's son with her demigod (hybrid) priest-king of Uruk.  Puabi probably inherited short-stature genes from Banda (King Shorty). 

Environmental factors, especially the speedier, 1-year revolution of Earth around Solaris compared with the lengthier (3,600 year) revolution of Nibiru around Solaris, may also have shortened Inanna.  Inanna, like NinPuabi, herself was short, probably as a result both of her birth and maturation on Earth

Inanna gave NinPuabi's genome its mitochondrial DNA, "leading thought [Nininurta's daughter] Ninsun and [Anu's youngest Daughter] Bau to the Olden Mothers on Nibiru. If tested, her bones could reveal the DNA and the mtDNA differences that represent our genetic Missing Link--'alien genes' (223 of them) that upgraded us from wild hominids to Modern Man some 300,000 years ago." [Sitchin, Z. ,2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, pages 221, 338 -346]


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Alalu Kills Nibiru's King Lahma, Gives Daughter to Ea for Feality From Anu


Alalu, Deposed by Anu, Nukes to Earth, Threatens Nibiru


Nibiru Council Sends Ea, Not Enlil, to Earth


Ea Blasts to Earth with Water, Hides Alalu's Nukes, Sends Anzu & Gold to Nibiru


Anu Sends Enlil to Rule Earth, Verify Gold


Anu, Enlil & Ea Draw Lots for Nibiru, Earth, Seas & Mining


Anu Defeats Alalu, Banishes Him & Anzu to Mars


Ea (Enki), Enlil & Ninmah, Three Incestuous Siblings


Enlil Banished for Rape; Abgal Betrays Enki


Enki & Ninmah Make Girls Till She Curses 


Anzu & Astronauts Rebel


Enki Instigates Goldmine Mutiny


Ninmah, Enki and Enki's Son, Ningizidda (Thoth) Create Adamu and Slave Species


Nibiru Nearing Means Climate Crisis & Food Shortage on Earth, Marsbase Closing


Enki Loves Hybrids Descended from Adamu & Ti-amat; Hybrids Bare Son Adapa & Girl Titi


Ningishzidda Takes Adapa to King Anu on Nibiru, Tells Anu That Enki's Fathered Adapa, Wants Adapa Denied Immortality


Adapa's Sons, Ka-in & Abael


Marduk & Astronaut Corps Seize Hybrid Brides, & Spaceport, Threaten Enlilites


Enki Begats Noah (Ziusudra)


Galzu Keeps Nibiran Leaders on Mission Earth


Galzu Helps Enki Save Ziusudra & Earthlings


Ningishzidda, Memorialized as Sphinx, Creates Pyramids to Lead Rockets to Sinai Spaceport


Marduk's Son Satu Kills Brother, Asar; Asar's Son Horon Defeats Satu, Unites Egypt


Enlilites Send Ninurta to Build Second Spaceport in South America


Marduk Foils Marriage of Enlillite Inanna & Enkiite Dumuzi


Inanna Revived Defeats Enkiites; Ninurta, Not Marduk to Next Rule Earth


Enlil Deposes Marduk, Divies Earth, Gives Ningishzidda Egypt but No Realm for Inanna

    30   Anu Uncovers Galzu's Ruses to Keep the Anunnaki Fostering Nibiran-Earthling Hybrids

  Enlil, Enki, Inanna rule regions through kings, Ninharsag, Sinai for Nibirans & Their Families Only

    32    Anu Takes Inanna as Lover; She Seduces Enki for Programs for Uruk
    33    Anu Pardons Marduk, Departs Tiahuanacu for Nibiru

Enlilites Bomb Marduk's Babylon Spaceport, Confound Earthling Languages

    35    Marduk/Ra Deposes Ningzidda/Thoth in Egypt
    36    Inanna Rules Indus & Uruk
    37    Utu Revives Banda; Inanna Beds Banda As Dumuzi Ressurect;
Banda & Ninsun Begat Gilgamish, Who Seeks Immortality


 Inanna & Marduk Again Fight, This Time, For All Earth

    39    Enlil Sends Abraham/Ibruum to Stop Marduk
    40   Anunnaki Nuke Sinai Spaceport Before Leaving Earth to Marduk
    41   Fallout from Nergal and Ninurta's Nukes Kill Sumer, Spare Marduk's Babylon
    42   Enlil Demands Obscene Obedience: The Story of Abraham, Hagar, Ismael & Isaac
    43   Children of Jacob = Israel in Egypt
    44    Enlil: Moses, Bring Jacob's Descendants from Egypt to Canaan
    45    Enlilite Power Grows Against Enkiite Egypt and Babylon

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