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Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Based on the works of Zecharia Sitchin


Story So Far

  Enlil let Enki choose Thoth/Ningishzidda replace Ra/Marduk as Lord of Nile Lands.  Inanna shouted that her fiance, Dumuzi, and now she, was heir to the Upper Nile.  Marduk caused Dumuzi's death and she, as Dumuzi's heir, succeeds him of Upper Nile. 

The Enlilite leaders on Earth appealed to King Anu on Nibiru.  Anu had not visited Earth for 7,000 Earth Years.  They pleaded with him to visit Earth and deal with Inanna.

"How Inanna's demands to satisfy the leaders contemplated.  Regarding the Earth and its resettling, words with Anu [on Nibiru] they exchanged.  From the time of the Deluge [11,000BC] almost two Shars [7,200 years] have passed.  The Earthlings have proliferated, from mountainlands to dried lowlands they went.  Of Civilized Mankind by [Enki's son] Ziusudra there were descendants, with Anunnaki [Nibirans] seed they were intermixed.  Offspring of the Igigi [Astronaut Corps] who intermarried roamed about.  In the distant lands Ka-in's kinfolk survived. 

"Few and lofty were the Anunnaki who from Nibiru had come, few were their perfect descendants.  How over Mankind lofty to remain, how to make the many the few obey and serve.  About all that, about the future the leaders with Anu words exchanged.  To come to Earth Anu decided." [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, pages 264 -265]

Narrative (Essay 30) Resumes

 In the 7000 years since the Deluge, The Anunnaki pioneers  had reclaimed Mesopotamia.  They rebuilt homes for Enki and Enlil on the silt that covered their predeluvian abodes: Eriki's Eridu and Enlil's Nibru-ki.  But for King Anu's visit to Earth, the Anunnaki built Unug-ki, a new temple in Eden, in an area (Uruk) that was not controlled by either Enki or Enlil.

About 3800 B.C., Anu and his wife Antu landed at Tilmun.   Enki, Enlil and Ninharsag--Anu's three children--greeted them.  "At each other they looked, aging to examine: though greater in Shars were the parents, younger than the children they looked.  The two sons [Enki and Enlil] looked old and bearded; Ninharsag, once a beauty, was bent and wrinkled."  [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of  Enki, 2002:268].

When Anu convened the group for business, Enlil complained "that Enki was withholding from the other gods [i.e., the Enlilites] the 'Divine Formulas'--the knowledge of more than one hundred aspects of civilization--confining advancement to Eridu and its people only."   To Enki, Anu said Divine Formulas, Enki, you must with the other gods share, so they, too, could their urban centers establish. Civilization to all Sumer we must grant.  [Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, pages 193-194]."


Enki told Anu, Enlil and Ninharsag his dream of Galzu, Anu's self-styled secret Plenipotentiary.  In the dream, Galzu showed Enki a plan for a submersible vessel for Ziasudra, his clan and the villagers who would help build it.  Enki told his father and siblings how, on waking, he found the boat's plans engraved on a stone tablet beside his bed.  "By that was Anu greatly puzzled. "Never did I send a secret plenipotentiary to Earth," said the Nibiran King.

Enki and Enlil exclaimed, "On account of Galzu Ziasudra and the seed of life were saved.  On account of Galzu on Earth we remained." 

"'The day you to Nibiru return, you shall die', so did Galzu to us say.   Incredulous of that was Anu; the change in cycles [between Earth and Nibiru] indeed havoc did cause, but with elixirs cured it was."

 " 'Whose emissary, if not yours was Galzu?'  Enki and Enlil in unison said.  'Who the Earthlings to save wanted, who on Earth made us stay?' For the Creator of All did Galzu appear."  Ninharsag asserted that the creation of the Earthlings was also destined by the Creator of All. 

Anu said, "While fates we decreed, the hand of destiny at every step directed. The will of the Creator of All is: on Earth and for Earthlings, only emissaries are we.  The Earth to the Earthlings belong, to preserve and advance them we were intended.  

"Whatever Destiny for the Earth and Earthlings, let it so be.  If  Man, not Anunnaki to inherit the Earth is destined, let us destiny help. 

"Give Mankind knowledge...secrets of heaven and Earth them teach.  Laws of justice and righteousness teach them then depart and LEAVE." [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of  Enki, 2002:271, 275]. 


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Enki/Ea is the Nibiran who (4,000 years ago) dictated his autobiography to his scribe, Endubscar of Endu.

The Lost Book of Enki, Sitchin's translation of Enki's tale (augmented a bit by my imagination) is the source–with many of Enki's slants--of most of the account in this essays. The Lost Book of Enki itself is
historical fiction, wherein Sitchin has woven information meticulously documented in his Earth Chronicles.


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The Celestial Battle: Nibiru Meets Solaris and Tiamat ( Proto Earth)


Alalu Kills Nibiru's King Lahma, Gives Daughter to Ea for Feality From Anu


Alalu, Deposed by Anu, Nukes to Earth, Threatens Nibiru


Nibiru Council Sends Ea, Not Enlil, to Earth


Ea Blasts to Earth with Water, Hides Alalu's Nukes, Sends Anzu & Gold to Nibiru


Anu Sends Enlil to Rule Earth, Verify Gold


Anu, Enlil & Ea Draw Lots for Nibiru, Earth, Seas & Mining


Anu Defeats Alalu, Banishes Him & Anzu to Mars


Ea (Enki), Enlil & Ninmah, Three Incestuous Siblings


Enlil Banished for Rape; Abgal Betrays Enki


Enki & Ninmah Make Girls Till She Curses 


Anzu & Astronauts Rebel


Enki Instigates Goldmine Mutiny


Ninmah, Enki and Enki's Son, Ningizidda (Thoth) Create Adamu and Slave Species


Nibiru Nearing Means Climate Crisis & Food Shortage on Earth, Marsbase Closing


Enki Loves Hybrids Descended from Adamu & Ti-amat; Hybrids Bare Son Adapa & Girl Titi


Ningishzidda Takes Adapa to King Anu on Nibiru, Tells Anu That Enki's Fathered Adapa, Wants Adapa Denied Immortality


Adapa's Sons, Ka-in & Abael


Marduk & Astronaut Corps Seize Hybrid Brides, & Spaceport, Threaten Enlilites


Enki Begats Noah (Ziusudra)


Galzu Keeps Nibiran Leaders on Mission Earth


Galzu Helps Enki Save Ziusudra & Earthlings


Ningishzidda, Memorialized as Sphinx, Creates Pyramids to Lead Rockets to Sinai Spaceport


Marduk's Son Satu Kills Brother, Asar; Asar's Son Horon Defeats Satu, Unites Egypt


Enlilites Send Ninurta to Build Second Spaceport in South America


Marduk Foils Marriage of Enlillite Inanna & Enkiite Dumuzi


Inanna Revived Defeats Enkiites; Ninurta, Not Marduk to Next Rule Earth


Enlil Deposes Marduk, Divies Earth, Gives Ningishzidda Egypt but No Realm for Inanna

    30   Anu Uncovers Galzu's Ruses to Keep the Anunnaki Fostering Nibiran-Earthling Hybrids

  Enlil, Enki, Inanna rule regions through kings, Ninharsag, Sinai for Nibirans & Their Families Only

    32    Anu Takes Inanna as Lover; She Seduces Enki for Programs for Uruk
    33    Anu Pardons Marduk, Departs Tiahuanacu for Nibiru

Enlilites Bomb Marduk's Babylon Spaceport, Confound Earthling Languages

    35    Marduk/Ra Deposes Ningzidda/Thoth in Egypt
    36    Inanna Rules Indus & Uruk
    37    Utu Revives Banda; Inanna Beds Banda As Dumuzi Ressurect;
Banda & Ninsun Begat Gilgamish, Who Seeks Immortality


 Inanna & Marduk Again Fight, This Time, For All Earth

    39    Enlil Sends Abraham/Ibruum to Stop Marduk
    40   Anunnaki Nuke Sinai Spaceport Before Leaving Earth to Marduk
    41   Fallout from Nergal and Ninurta's Nukes Kill Sumer, Spare Marduk's Babylon


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